The Colin James Method® shows you how to think big, be bold and have a go!

Steven Talevski - Associate Private Banker, Banking Sector

Mastering Communication Program should be compulsory for everyone. It defies you to be a better communicator.

Mark Bayliss - ICT Technical Team Leader, NetStrategy

Mastering Communication is more than just a program about improving presentation skills, it gives new insights into a broad range of issues that promise improved organisational performance.

David Atkin, CEO, CBUS

Whether you are meeting with clients or presenting to colleagues, this program will help you consider your message and delivery to improve the effectiveness of how you communicate.

Ross Falconer- Senior Private Wealth Advisor, ANZ

Colin James's program is the very best communications program I have ever attended. It is practical, grounded in reality, and applicable to all situations. Bravo!!!

James Lee - Vice President and Chief of Staff, SAP

Not only has this provided me tools to be a confident communicator, it has shown me the value I can offer.

Theresa Nguyen - Senior Associate Commercial Lending, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

So much valuable information packed into one day! Erica made the training really enjoyable and held my attention with her insights and demonstrations throughout the day.

Beth Storck- Creative Lead, Brand Chemistry

Outstanding on all levels. Has made a huge and measurable difference to the impact of our team in the market place. I've attended plenty of courses where great theory was taught, however the practical implementation was very limited. This is the first time I've seen real value where theory meets application and I can definitely see myself using many of the techniques learned.

Nadeem Hussain - Investment Manager, AustralianSuper

Case Studies

Carolyne French – The Good Guys

Carolyne French has the task of coordinating and implementing training across one of Australia’s largest retail groups…

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Michael Ziccone – ANZ

Since 2015, we have trained over 500 ANZ employees. Our communication training program is now a core requirement for all client-facing team members to complete alongside their technical skills and compliance training.

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Daniel Wood – Tupperware

Regularly engaging large audiences with key messages is part and parcel of Daniel’s role, but he found the process daunting. Since our program he feels confident with preparation and noticed a significant lift in how his audience responds to his communication.

Eugene McGarrell – iCare

When Eugene sent out his team to strengthen their communication skills he didn’t expect to be so impressed by their transformation that he too would sign up for our program.

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Tanya Athans – AustralianSuper

Working in development, Tanya already knew that anyone could learn and improve but it was the Mastering Communications program that delivered real change with ongoing learning.

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Kate Mort – Cricket Australia

Kate saw our program as an opportunity to fine-tune how she engaged with colleagues and stakeholders at Cricket Australia. She now feels confident, authentic and clear every time she presents to an audience.

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Josh Spendlove – eHealth

Josh helped organise The Colin James Method® training at his previous company and was saturated in the content during the planning stages. Even so, the impact the 2-day live immersion training had on him still caught him by surprise.

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Belinda Hochen – ANZ

As an Associate Private Banker, Belinda wanted to accelerate her communication skills to help her reach her desired outcomes in meetings and presentations. She now feels confident and equipped with a life-long toolkit to engage her clients more deeply.

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Chris Gilpin – Actionable

Already an experienced speaker and facilitator, our program caught Chris’ eye as an opportunity to transfer his knowledge into video conference communications. Immersed in our unique methodology, he gained practical learning experience and stayed connected with the group after the program.

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Rebecca Hall – Senior Industry Specialist International Education

Rebecca is constantly challenged for time. Deeply immersed in technical content, her senior leader recognised that developing her ability to communicate clearly would have a profound impact on her effectiveness, and it has.

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Hazel Mijango – CBA

When Hazel was recommended to our communication training program by her leader she saw it as an important step in her career. It was an opportunity to develop her presence as a leader and refine her skills.

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Berlinda Crowther – Digital Transformation Agency

Berlinda regularly communicates with varied audiences in different forums and often felt nervous when speaking, unable to use her hands purposefully and would easily go off track. Since the program she feels confident with her delivery.

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Michael Ziccone – Capability and Performance Manager, ANZ 

“On behalf of ANZ, I approached Colin James and his team to develop the presentation and influencing skills of our Business Development Managers, Sales Managers and Senior Leaders within our home loans distribution business unit (~100 employees in total). Initially, we approached several vendors for tender but only the pitch from Colin James and Erica Bagshaw was done in a way that encompassed a methodology that we wanted to impart to our employees.

Delivering the Mastering Communication Program gave our staff the skills they needed in order to differentiate themselves in a marketplace where it’s difficult to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Post-delivery, the ongoing coaching, master classes and webinars have helped embed the skills. Importantly, the way in which the learning is delivered is easily digestible and was embraced readily by the participants.

The Colin James Method® program of work has led to a noticeable change in the way our business teams approach all of their communication and it’s made a marked difference to their capacity to influence. In addition, there has been a noticeable uplift in our sales performance, resilience and morale, as our employees recognise the time and investment ANZ has made in their personal development.

I would not hesitate in recommending the team at The Colin James Method®, that is why we have extended our relationship with Colin, Erica, Andrew and Kerrie into 2015 with a new program of work.”

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