Lead With The Ultimate Competitive Advantage - A Superb Company Culture.

Strong foundations empower your teams to excel in times of change and disruption. Realise potential within your organisation by building an enviable workplace culture.


Organisation Culture

Fewer than one in three executives report that they understand their organisation’s culture

- Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends, 2016

Strong foundations keep you grounded in times of change

We are living in an era of rapid change, meaning leading organisations need to be agile, flexible and adaptable in order to stay relevant. If the common set of behaviours, underlying mindsets and beliefs that govern traditional organisation are not understood then you struggle to grow.

An organisational culture is a reflection of its leaders’ culture, ethics and consciousness. The impact of this transfers throughout teams and the organisations, impacting performance. Culture can determine success or failure during times of change.

Shift the culture in your organisation to excellence

Culture is integral to delivering business strategies. The Colin James Method® is committed to supporting your senior leaders to set the right tone and standards across your organisation. We confer with the executive team to envisage what a successful and enviable workplace culture would look and feel like in your organisation and how we would measure its success. Training is completed across the organisation to ensure the purpose of the company resonates with employees.

Then we educate your teams with practical frameworks and methodologies they can apply with confidence to live and breath the culture. We support the cultural transformation by encouraging leaders to model key cultural attributes in their behaviours around the organisation. Encouraging a standard of excellence that will stretch employees to achieve and exceed goals.

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How does our cultural training help your organisation?

Tailored programs to transform your organisation’s culture

We deliver a learning experience like no other. We’ll work collaboratively to audit your company culture then customise our approach to suit your required outcomes. We offer a variety of training options to suit the size, location and seniority of your group.

Deeply practical training is delivered by our rigorously trained facilitators. Our approach is unique – we take time to consult with the management team and research the participants to ensure everyone’s capabilities and challenges are considered. Ensuring engagement on the day, long-term results and true ROI.

Live Workshop


Gather your employees for a challenging, provoking and impactful learning experience. Facilitators will ask and expect excellence to ensure that monumental shifts are achieved during the valuable time out of the office. Deep engagement and fast results are guaranteed.

group coaching


Our accredited coaches provide 1:1 coaching to help senior leaders to implement the cultural change; this is either face-to-face or through video calls. Or we can arrange follow-up group coaching to support the development of the cultural transformation after live training.



To help educate and include all members of your organisation in the transformation, we can provide live online webinars and training sessions for large groups of employees. This is a cost-effective way of rolling out the changes and ensuring all team members are included in the process.



Engage our services to lead key discussions around the cultural change. Our facilitators can ask the difficult questions and manage group dynamics to ensure productive debate and meaningful outcomes are achieved.

Our approach

The engagement process is all about discovering and delivering your desired business outcomes. We work collaboratively with you to delve deep into your goals and tailor the training around your unique needs. How does it work? A typical engagement for our culture training looks like this:

Fill in the form below to enquire about how we can help transform the skills in your organisation

Speak with one of our facilitators to see if we may be a good fit for your organisation and we will share insights and ideas around your existing objectives

Now you’ve decided we are a close fit, our team will attend briefing sessions to discuss your specific goals and requirements for your people and your business

We craft a suitable training and development experience that will deliver the outcomes your organisation requires

To enhance the learning experience we may engage participants in pre-session surveys and training, to both prepare them and to ensure we understand their perspective

Bespoke training tailored to your teams business contexts and their stated needs, ensuring everyone gets the most from the time invested

To ensure the learning sticks and goals are achieved we build in follow up opportunities through a variety of methods

We track both feedback and NPS from the delivery and connect with you to review program impact

Available training options

Examples of the various training we run with organisations across the
globe to help create superb internal culture.

Cultural Transformation Program

Cultural Transformation Program

Organisations have a choice: are they in the cultural compliance or the cultural creation business? This program provides an opportunity to create a thriving culture for your organisation, elevating performance and productivity. Over a 12-month period we deeply immerse ourselves to research, explore and define the core of your organisation’s culture. Defining what success and an enviable culture would look and feel like, motivating employees to buy-in by providing purpose and relevance. Then ensuring long-term success by bringing values to life and embedding them in day-to-day behaviour.

  • Understand what an ideal culture looks like for your organisation
  • Deeply embed the cultural attributes in the organisations
  • Align the new culture with company strategy and growth plans
  • Identify undesirable elements of your organisation’s culture
  • Align behaviour to the values of the organisation
  • Develop the processes to keep your culture alive long-term
  • Motivate and inspire your employees to ensure they buy-in to the process
  • Provide practical frameworks and skills to shift mindsets

Employees Employees


Emerging Leaders Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders

People Leaders People Leaders

People Leaders



Fully Customisable

Face-to-face Training

Live Virtual Training

1:1 Coaching

Group Coaching


Cultural Audit

Cultural Audit

Once new teams have been formed or teams have undergone significant change, there exists an opportunity to create a thriving culture that services a purpose-driven organisation. Over a number of days we perform a thorough audit of your internal culture and provide recommendations to transform the workplace culture.

  • Understand the unwritten rules about ‘how things get done around here’
  • Create a shift in culture that makes doing the right things easy and the wrong things hard
  • Build an environment where people thrive rather than survive
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Move towards a purpose-driven organisation
  • Boost employee retention rates
  • Identify undesirable elements of your organisation’s culture that are often unspoken

Employees Employees


Emerging Leaders Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders

People Leaders People Leaders

People Leaders



Fully Customisable

Face-to-face Training

Live Virtual Training

Group Coaching


Client outcomes and results


Fostering a culture that supports company goals and strategic pillars

workplace culture CUA
CUA Banking

In 2018, we partnered with CUA to deliver a 12-month culture development program to overhaul their workplace culture across the organisation of 1,000 employees. Employees had started to show symptoms of disconnect and they needed to dig deep to find out why staff weren’t as connected and how to resolve these issues.

The key objectives for this program were to elevate their story, values and desired culture so their people could better align their personal values with those of CUA. It was also important to foster a culture that would support their overarching goals and strategy.

We conducted a deep audit on the existing culture and the UGR’s (unwritten ground rules) that currently governed the company, which then informed the development of a new cultural agenda and a successful launch to all their employees Australia wide, championed by the employees themselves.

The Result: The tailored program successfully transformed their organisational culture and they have seen a big difference in staff engagement, thinking and relationships. 

We achieved significant and sustained improvement on all our key indicators.

What makes our learning experience unique?

Powerful storytelling

We teach ‘the How’, so your team can change now​

Practical, hands on programs that teach your people applicable ‘human skills’ and get them practicing immediately.


We lead the pack globally

Delivering high-calibre training to leaders across the world, we enable people to shift their results and drive complex organisational change.


We tailor our training to fit your needs

Our approach is unique. We deeply immerse ourselves to understand your needs, so our training delivers every time.

Team Shoes

We have been in your team’s shoes

Our rigorously trained facilitators are experienced business people who understand your company’s challenges.

Experience & Research

We base our work on experience & research

Proven methodologies created by 25+ years of research and experience in training, facilitation, coaching and speaking.

Learning Sticks

We promise learning that sticks

Our design, materials and delivery uses the principles of research-backed neuroscience to ensure engagement and long-term retention.

Create a high-performing workplace culture, with our support

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