Body Language Hacks: How To Have A Positive Executive Presence [VIDEO]

We’ve talked before about the power of non-verbal communication skills. Your body language can say a huge amount about you – but is it telling your audience what you want it to?

One of the greatest leadership traits you can learn is how to ensure your body language is matching your words to have the desired impact on your audience. Why? Because first impressions count, particularly in today’s fast-paced digital world. You only have a few seconds to make the right impression, so how you show up physically is hugely important.

Techniques to ensure your body language makes the right impression

In this video, Colin James will show you some techniques to instantly improve your physical presence:

So, what does your body language say about you? How are the 3 components Colin demonstrated working for you?

  1. Posture – How do you hold yourself? Do you have the “physiology of excellence”?
  2. Gestures – Are your hands free to express yourself, or are they defending you? 
  3. Movement – How are you physically using the space? Are you on the front foot or the back foot?

Remember: How you stand and move can convey authority, confidence and the ability to be more effective (some call this the “power pose”) – or it can convey vulnerability and uncertainty. Whether you’re in one-on-one dialogue with someone, addressing a meeting room of people, or even an auditorium, as a leader, it’s extremely important to evaluate and develop these 3 components of presenter body language in order to cultivate a positive “executive presence”.

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Tim Chilvers

Having led a range of businesses in both small and complex teams, Tim enjoys working with people and organisations determined to realise their potential – those prepared to act decisively and with the conviction required to bring that potential to life.