What Is The Colin James Method®?

Over the past 25 years Colin James, has worked with senior executives around the world and has deep experience working with groups both large and small, taking cultural diversity and the variety of delivery platforms in his stride. From a young age, Colin’s dream was to be a teacher and he realised that to be an effective and engaging teacher he needed one key skill — and that was to master the art of communication.
To understand what constitutes excellent communication he studied the best communicators he could find. He studied the way that they held the attention of their audience and how, regardless of the content, they had the ability to deliver their message in such a way as to profoundly influence the way people think, act and behave. The Colin James methodology incorporates all of these elements and addresses a range of different components including:
Excellent design for memorable engagement
Using visual aids effectively, including PowerPoint slides and flip charts
How you can connect and relate to an audience with story
Using your voice and language to enthral
Flexibility; presenting in your seat or on your feet
The way to use your body as an extension of your message
Plus much more

Our Goal

The focus of the Colin James Method® is to shift the way people connect. From presentation design to influential communication delivery, our method will transform the way you and the people around you think, feel and behave.


Who Will Benefit?

Whether you are the CEO of a large organisation, a senior leader, manager, educator, business owner, entrepreneur or a thought leader in your industry, the ability to communicate your ideas and engage audiences consistently is vital to your success. We work with you to develop your capability to be more precise, more engaging and more successful as a communicator. By applying these proven techniques, The Colin James Method® can change you, your organisation and the people you work with.

Meet Our Coaches

Becoming accredited as a Colin James Method coach is an exacting process. In addition to the benchmark requirement of many years of recognised experience in their fields, Colin personally mentors prospective coaches over a period of six months. Hundreds of hours of rehearsals and attendance at Colin James Method programs culminates in each coach running a replicated two-day Mastering Communication Program with trial participants. Accreditation is granted once it is clear that, not only is the content deeply embedded, but also our coaches are living and breathing the methodology.

Colin James

Facilitator & Coach

Colin has deep experience working with any size group whether it is an audience of six or 6,000 people. He will challenge you to step up to your highest capability with the practical ‘how to’ that only a master communicator can share.

Erica Bagshaw

Facilitator & Coach

Erica works exclusively with senior executives focussing on building leadership capability, executive presence and personal resilience. She has worked with leaders in the construction, banking, mining, legal, property, retail and telecommunications industries.

Tim Chilvers

Facilitator & Coach

Having led a range of businesses in both small and complex teams, Tim enjoys working with people and organisations determined to realise their potential – those prepared to act decisively and with the conviction required to bring that potential to life.

Andrew Lee

Facilitator & Coach

Andrew works internationally as a keynote speaker, facilitator and coach. He focuses on developing high-performance cultures that are resilient, innovative and committed, along with his unique ability to engage with audiences from all walks of life. Andrew’s experiences have enabled him to connect to groups from around the world with empathy.

Dana Eisenstein

Facilitator & Coach

Dana is known for her authenticity and commitment to delivering engaging learning experiences. From cultural transformation and leadership development to edgy performance coaching, Dana inspires people to step outside their comfort zone to build higher performance.

Alison Carter

Facilitator & Coach

Alison is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of corporate experience, including senior investor communications roles. She has also run her own businesses and provided counselling services within the not-for-profit sector. Her background ensures that clients are nurtured but also challenged to experience growth.
Angela Li

Li Xiang

Bilingual Coach

Angela spent the first part of her career working in Beijing with a range of organisations such as Motorola, Fazheng Group and Stellar Megamedia. Since then she has been the C.O.O. and Consultant for Enable Development and she has delivered coaching programs in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.

Sandra Baigel

Voice Coach & Accent Management Specialist

In her voice and spoken word practice, Sandra combines voice management, voice projection and clear speech techniques to free leaders’ and influencers’ voices from constraints and poor habits. The results gained by clients increase their confidence, and raise their capacity to speak clearly and with conviction.

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