“Only stories have the power to create emotional connection and shift behaviour quickly and effectively.” 

Looking to land your point and compel teams to act?

Get my latest guide on how to create stories that step up your influencing skills now.

Here’s what you’ll get from my eBook:

A step-by-step guide to creating stories that impact quickly and effectively
Discover how to influence and persuade using stories
Advice on how to craft a powerful story that connects
Tips for keeping stories relevant, engaging and short so you make your point clearly
An understanding of how to build a bank of stories you can use in any situation
Strategies to deliver your story with confidence and authority  

You’ll also get these powerful resources to help you:

  • A FREE worksheet that brings all of your business storytelling techniques together
  • More in-depth examples of great business storytelling
  • An understanding of how to ‘sell’ and embed storytelling in your organisation
  • The latest trends in business storytelling and how you can use them

I know it will transform the way you communicate in the workplace.

Create stories that influence now

Get my What’s The Story eBook today.

Storytelling is a natural human instinct, it's a natural human way of connecting. But more importantly, it is how to influence very effectively.

Colin JamesCo-Founder, The Colin James Method®

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