Scared Of The Question & Answer Silence?

Get more engagement & interaction from your audience with this free cheat sheet

Have you ever thought that your audience may be scared to interact when it’s time for the Q&A session?

Many presenters forget that audience member fear speaking up and prefer to remain silent when in public.

BUT you will quickly lose their attention if they are not repeatedly engaged.

Keen to learn how to keep your audience engaged?

Download this cheat sheet to find out how to get MORE interaction and engagement from your audience in five key ways.

Get engagement faster – Discover how to simply move your audience from passive to active with a collegial approach
Elicit more responses – Learn how to easily attract audience contribution with the ‘hanging’ question technique
Tailor your content – Understand how to adjust your content to suit your audience’s needs
Encourage interactive Q&A – Be taught how to set up a dynamic question and answer session and avoid the silence
Recapture their attention – Discover three ways to bring an audience’s attention back from group discussion without shouting


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