Stand Out From The Crowd, Present Without PowerPoint In 7 Easy Steps

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Have you ever dreamed about giving a presentation that is so inspiring people will want to take immediate action or change their point of view? We bet you any money that PowerPoint with copy in ineligible font size probably didn’t feature in your dream.

Frankly, we’ve attended too many meetings and conferences where attendees had to suffer a slow death by PowerPoint. You probably have too. That’s why The Colin James Method® team is on a mission to enable you to deliver a presentation without having to rely on a big deck of slides.

Download our ebook ‘Stand out from the crowd: Present without PowerPoint in 7 easy steps’ to:
  • Learn how to perform an audience analysis and tailor your talk to their needs
  • Understand the importance of the timing of your presentation
  • Craft messages that will hit all the right notes
  • Practice your talk more effectively
  • Present with confidence

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