Why Business Storytelling is a powerful tool
that increases your influence and impact.

If you have difficulty engaging with stakeholders, are struggling to get ideas heard or find it hard to influence and encourage others, business storytelling can help you cut through.

Gone are the days when facts and figures are the currency for influence. You need to make a direct and relevant connection with your audience to grab their attention. Storytelling can do this, enabling faster understanding of your ideas and greater buy-in.

In response to your questions on how to use storytelling to influence, we’re launching this step-by-step online program to make it easy.




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Why Take the Online Course?

We have found that many people struggle to achieve meaningful communication that engages action. This course teaches you powerful storytelling techniques, so you can engage at a deeper level and achieve better outcomes – with the flexibility to fit with your schedule.

Achieve Stakeholder Buy-in

Overcome difficulties with getting your message heard and decisions made.

Create cut through messages and content

Streamline content through stories to get attention and save time in presentations and calls.

Implement Change

Inspire and engage colleagues, unstick resistance to an idea and encourage action.

Be Memorable

Be confident and relevant in your stories to avoid awkwardness and achieve stand out.

Storytelling is the only way human beings genuinely trust and respond emotionally to good ideas

Colin James, Founder and International Leader in Effective Communication Education

What You’ll Learn

Developed by industry leading educators, speakers and coaches, Colin James and Erica Bagshaw, the Persuasive Business Storytelling Course will teach you:

Why stories are your ticket to greater success in business
When to use story instead of data
Where to place a story to get maximum attention
What the perfect story ingredients are to make it interesting
How to find, design, link and deliver a story like a star

Not just the realm of sales and marketing, business storytelling can used in many business situations to create impact and action.

Job Roles that can benefit from Persuasive Business Storytelling

“A wonderfully insightful course into the power and relevance of utilising storytelling in the professional landscape! I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Colin – a true ‘Master’ in communication.”

– Jacqueline Bohuslav-Andrews, Corporate Mindfulness Consultant, Yoga Harmony

How the Online Course Works

The course is delivered across online training videos, worksheets and online interaction.

6-week online course with weekly modules

A private LinkedIn group for support and connection

The Course Modules

WHY use stories

To kick off, we want you to understand why storytelling is such a powerful business tool and what you can achieve by using it. Module 1 will walk you the WHY, explore each type of story you can use and how to identify the right type of story for different scenarios.

WHERE can you find stories

Wondering where you can find your own stories? In Module 2, learn about where they come from and how you can find them to build a story library for your key ideas and messages. You’ll also look at the latest trends in business storytelling and why they are so influential.

HOW to construct a story for maximum impact

Holding your audience’s attention from start to finish is critical to the success of your persuasion. In Module 3, you find out how to construct an engaging story using our magic formula, how to use analogies and how to create a link between two seemingly different things.

How to DELIVER a story so it’s compelling

In Module 4 we share with you the fundamental techniques for your delivery and how you can seamlessly weave stories into your business presentations for greater impact. Learn how to captivate your audience and compel them to feel, think and act differently with your message.

It’s your turn, BUILD a story using this template and guide

It’s time to start writing your story! For Module 5 you can put everything you have learned so far into practice using the worksheet to construct a persuasive business story.

Mastery, making storytelling a business asset

Let’s take it up a notch. For your final Module, we widen the scope by exploring the key elements of storytelling mastery. Delve deeper into the craft and learn how you can build a bank of stories that will enhance your influence and engagement in business.

The Online Materials

Throughout the course you will receive access to a number of different materials to support your learning.

Online videos

Downloadable course worksheets and materials

“The Colin James Method® breaks down a very complex topic of communication into bite-sized chunks. It then gives you practical tips and tools that anyone can employ to improve the effectiveness of their communication.”

– Claire Fleury, ANZ

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