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The secret to building greater confidence and engagement

Our business or work environment is becoming increasingly dynamic and more demanding. Only those people who stay nimble and responsive will progress. A big part of this is having the ability to communicate and influence across divisions and to achieve more with less.

At The Colin James Method® we work with executives and managers across a variety of business areas, including banking, insurance, IT, pharmaceuticals and government. We help them to communicate fundamentals such as strategy, performance updates, policy changes and the like.

We also work with people in sales needing to facilitate better quality conversations and presentations for improved customer relationship and results.

Change managers, trainers and facilitators often attend our program to lift their effective communication skills, in manage diverse groups and ensure cohesive outcomes in an engaging and memorable way.

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Despite the varied nature of businesses, we find the same common struggles
affect leaders time and time again…

Difficult to get buy in from stakeholders

Nervous about presenting to senior leaders

Too much content, never enough time to present it

Communication being sent but not getting cut through

Feeling awkward in front of large groups

Being overlooked for a promotion in favour of someone more polished

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An industry leading communication program that you can complete at your own pace online

Good communication continues to be an essential part of everyday business. However, most leading communication courses tend to be taught in-house. This not only requires a considerable investment in your time, and doesn’t give busy people the flexibility they want

Not anymore.

Based on our in-house program, The Colin James Method® Mastering Communication Online Program has been designed to offer business managers, executives and corporate teams the skills and techniques needed to communicate in a way that influences, enthralls and engages – in a flexible, online learning environment.

The online communication course that teaches you how to influence, engage and enthrall

Live interstate or overseas? Can’t come to us? Well the good news is, you don’t have to.

Once you’ve registered for our effective communication course you’ll get instant online access to our full suite of learning material, including over 30 video modules, which can be completed over a 12-month period.

The program eliminates the stress of having to travel to any classes in person and gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, online. It’s perfect for busy people who often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit anything else in.

online communication skills course

One of the common characteristics of people who progress more rapidly in their career is superb communication.



Why choose the Mastering Communication program?

Developed by industry-leading educator and speaker Colin James, the Mastering Communication Online PAVERS® Program is designed to equip you with the skills and techniques you need to become an effective communicator in all business settings — whether on your seat (meeting/conversations) or on your feet (presentations).

Having studied how the best communicators in the world communicate, we‘re able to deliver a comprehensive online program through a series of informative and engaging video modules.

What is PAVERS®?

PAVERS® is an acronym for the framework that underpins everything that is taught on The Colin James Method® Mastering Communication PAVERS® program. Each letter relates to one of the 6 key communication skill we know are vital to master, to become an influential and effective communicator.


The importance of anchoring,
hand gestures and body language


How to add projection, pace and
pitch to your presentation

Visual Aids

Deliver content in a way that demands the attention of the listener


The secrets to presenting confidently and speaking with authority


How to tailor content to suit
your audience


How to combine all the elements
required to tell a story that will
engage your audience

Posture, energy and generating discussion were much improved and I got rave feedback from my group with many of them coming up to me personally at the close of the two days to say how much they got out of it and how confident they felt in their new manager roles.

Lisa Donohoe - Director, HR Fundamentals

This course is confronting, but brilliant. It will challenge the essence of how you communicate and think. My hope is that I have the discipline to make the techniques and tools live.

Shol Blunstein - Consultant, Pinnacle Group

Highly recommended. The program, content and facilitation were extremely knowledgeable and the coaches had a genuine interest in ensuring we were learning. Highly recommend this to everyone in a sales environment.

Tony Maroun - Broker Manager, ANZ Bank

An opportunity to drop the self-consciousness and communicate mindfully and with impact. Colin provides you with all the tools and the environment to grow.

Jenny Stasinopoulos - Learning and Development Manager, Lumo Energy

The most effective framework I have experienced yet for helping craft, articulate, and tell an effective and actionable communication.

Dion Stojsavljevic - General Manager, Solvup, TIC (Reverse Logistics) Pty Ltd

Real eye opener. Very different to other communications programs.

Khawar Saleem - Lead Enterprise Architect, Department of Immigration and Border Protection Australia


With over 25 years of experience, Colin James is recognised as one of Australia’s leading corporate speakers and facilitators. He was recipient of Australian Educator of the Year, 2008. This award recognised his achievements as an educator over 23 years, starting in 1988 at the Australian Quadriplegic Association where, as Training Manager, he designed a ground-breaking, 18-week Tertiary Rehabilitation Program.

From a young age, Colin’s dream was to be a teacher and he realised that to be an effective and engaging teacher he needed one key skill, that was to master the art of communication. To understand what constitutes excellent communication he studied the best communicators he could find.

He studied the way that they held the attention of their audience and how, regardless of the content, they had the ability to deliver their message in such a way as to profoundly influence the way people think, act and behave. From this he developed The Colin James Method® which incorporates all of these elements in a high-value, engaging and rewarding 12-month journey on the Mastering Communication Online PAVERS® Program.


Video training and fortnightly focus emails are provided throughout each module to help you progress.

You can read what we cover in each module below and review the 12-month timeline to the right.

Read Module 1 Description

A masterful communicator knows HOW to take ideas, thoughts and content and deliver this in an engaging, meaningful manner. Module One lays down the foundations on which you will build your skill and ability as an excellent communicator. You will be given an overview of the program, what to expect. Then you will dive into some presentation design skills that will become essential frameworks for you to work with any time you are preparing to speak.

Read Module 2 Description

We communicate using two primary ‘tools,’ namely our bodies and our voices. Module Two will focus on these two in detail. The term ‘Body Language’ has been around forever because the way we stand, sit, use our hands, move and our many, many facial expressions, communicates a wealth of information. We unpack all this in the first few videos. Your voice is unique to you however it is also an instrument you can learn to ‘play’ (or use) more effectively. Have you heard your voice on tape and been a tad surprised? You are not alone. The final videos explore the wonderful world of Auditory communication and how to turn your voice into an asset.

Read Module 3 Description

Communication is an exchange between people…in other words, it’s the business of relationship. Module Three focuses exclusively on Relationship dynamics. This is a very practical module that will immediately enhance your communication effectiveness. People are complex. Connecting meaningfully with your audience, your colleagues or customers is a sophisticated process…building a relationship of trust, respect and openness is a core skill that all masterful communicators demonstrate.

Read Module 4 Description

Language is everything. This is truly the information age. Never in human history have we have access to oceans of information at a few touches of a keyboard. Information is packaged in language of course. Module Four will focus on the art and craft of eloquence – how we can use language in fresh, engaging and zesty ways. These videos will look at specific skills to enhance your language effectiveness. This will be followed by videos exploring the magic of story-telling. Great storytellers understand the power and weight of language – painting pictures and scenes with words – connecting with our hearts and minds.

Read Module 5 Description

In a world dominated by PowerPoint (and it’s equivalents) Module Five will explore how to use Visual Aids beyond the crutch of projecting content heavy slides onto a screen in front of a dazed and disconnected audience. We close with learning how to close a presentation powerfully and memorably. The final video links it all together and launches you into your work and life as a confident, capable, engaging and influential communicator.


Explore each element of the program, select a feature along the bar below:

On-Demand Video Suite For Online Training

Access training modules to help guide you through the program and embed the learning.

You will have unlimited access to the full video suite for 12 months. This allows you access to over 30 training videos, covering skills such as storytelling, presentation design, gestures, using visual aids and encouraging interaction with your audience.

Access our video modules on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone at anytime, anywhere you go.

Fortnightly Focus Emails

We’ll keep you on track with fortnightly focus emails, helping you discover the video modules in helpful bite-size pieces guiding you through the 12-month program.

Your fortnightly focus emails include worksheets related to a particular video module supporting you in your training every step of the way.

Regular Webinars

Receive invitations to our regular deep dive training, hosted by The Colin James Method® coaches. This deep dive is extended online learning for anyone that is already part of our program and is an introduction for anyone that wants to know more about The Colin James Method®.

Feel free to bring your colleagues, partners and friends along to this engaging group online session.

Mastering Communication Workbook

Shipped straight to your doorstep (or the office) is our tailor-made and carefully constructed workbook with starter kit to get you going instantly. Over the program time-frame you’ll work through the workbook, and the helpful kit will ensure you have all the tools necessary to succeed.

‘The Vault’ Of Video Recordings

Gain access to ‘The Vault’, this online video area is constantly updated with new video content from The Colin James Method® team.

We uploaded copies of every webinar and Masterclass we record here. So despite missing our live events due to time constraints or distance, you can visit The Vault to watch the recording and ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Online Training Templates

This is  a ‘how-to’ program providing you with step-by-step method to grow your confidence and capability. We have provided templates to help you design really effective communication.


A word from participants…

Over the years our program has helped thousands of executives and managers from many top global companies – including ANZ, Oracle, CBA, AustralianSuper, SAP and Telstra – master their communication anxieties.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Read what they had to say…

“Concepts are challenged, broken down and then built up again in a better way. Colin is an absolute delight. Knowledgeable, empathetic, and hilarious. The course was thoroughly enjoyable.”

Rasha Zaklama – Executive Manager CommSec Line 1 Risk, CBA

“A thoroughly practical and attainable journey deep into the art of communication. Stimulating insights with loads of time to practice, observe and learn how to improve. Would highly recommend to any professional with any level of pre-existing ‘perceived’ skill.”

Gideon Kline – CEO, True North Partners

“A very challenging but rewarding program. Highly recommended.”

Melissa Meddings – Trainer, Australian Unity

“This communication program will change the way I approach making presentations, meetings etc. Because it has given me an easy structure to follow.”

Daniel May – Communication Officer, AustralianSuper

“Provides an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and truly learn something new about presenting but also how we interact with other in life.”

Jacqui Hardy – Manager – Program Change, Banking Sector

Other companies who have had successful results from
our online training program…


100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back…

We’re defined by the success of our programs. So, in the unlikely event that you’re not completely satisfied with your progress after taking our course, we will refund your program investment fee, or offer you something agreeable at equal value to you.



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