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March 15, 2018

Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane – 23 Leichhardt St, Brisbane, QLD, 4000



– What will I learn? –

The 4 magic questions to build a pitch in 3 minutes

Pitching under pressure? Transform your ideas into a cohesive pitch that addresses and engages your audience, in only 3 minutes. Receive a take home cheat sheet to work through at the Masterclass.

Key advice on avoiding the achilles heel of pitching.

Have you given a pitch and had positive smiles and interest all the way through but nothing comes of it? They stop responding to you and you can’t figure out where you went wrong? We will share how to avoid this and ensure you never fall into that trap again.

How to structure a pitch so it’s easy to remember (without notes!)

Simplify the structure so the pitch is memorable and ready to delivery in any environment. Don’t muddle with notes and slides, be professional, cement the message in memory and feel confident and calm going into your delivery.


How to design, prepare and deliver a pitch that persuades and resonates with the audience.


The Masterclasses are an effective and efficient way to connect, learn and share with like-minded professionals in your area.


With practical activities to develop your emotional resonance and examples for you to learn from, this Masterclass is a great opportunity to put theory into practice.

Increase your sales pitch success rate from 35% to 80% by joining us at the Masterclass.

Thought’s from previous attendees



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Erica Bagshaw

Co-Founder, Facilitator and Coach

With 30 years business experience Erica combines practical hands-on experience with an extraordinary ability to encourage, enable and empower individuals and teams to bring out their best. Starting out as a statistical analyst at 19, Erica was quickly promoted to a management role introducing new technology to the business and learning how to help individuals and organisations adjust to change. Being able to influence people to adopt new ideas was essential and so Erica learned quickly the importance of pitching ideas persuasively to ensure effortless change.

She transitioned into a more sales focussed roles in the IT industry and running national bids for business growth. Honing the craft of pitching became a primary focus in order to be competitive in a rapidly changing market.

As Co-Founder of a number of businesses Erica still maintains a strong focus on business development and knows how to influence from CEO level all the way through an organisation. She is also a dynamic and sought after Speaker, Executive Coach and Facilitator.

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The methodology and template for researching and devising a pitch, and the elements of a strong pitch were so clear and easy to understand. I learned a lot of new things about both the preparation and presentation side of pitching which I know will be invaluable in many contexts.

Emilie Collyer, Playwright, Melbourne Theatre CompanyPitching and Negotiation Workshop Attendee

Highlights the importance of how a number of small, small things can add up to a powerful communication pitch.

Sanjay Sehgal, General Manager, Business Performance & Strategy, TIC Pty Ltd

What a value packed (and funny) 90-minutes from a true master. I have walked away with invaluable lessons on using humour, storytelling and really connecting with the audience to deliver core messages.

Maree McKeown, Director, Rise To the Challenge

Extremely engaging presenter. She gave us valuable and relevant advice. I will definitely have some ideas to take away with me. Thank you.

The 4th Annual Women in Finance and Accounting Leadership Summit 2016

The masterclass tonight was fantastic – just what I needed! Although I generally have the awareness to recognise the negative self-talk I’ve not had a clear strategy in my mind on how to ‘banish’ it…until now.

Aaron Morgan, Learning Program Manager, ColesPrevious Masterclass attendee

So much valuable information packed into one day! Erica made the training really enjoyable and held my attention with her insights and demonstrations throughout the day.

Beth Storck, Creative Lead, Brand ChemistryThe Confident Communicator attendee

“Erica, I won that pitch because of you! I remembered everything you taught me, trawled through my notes and wrote a killer pitch. For once, I was so damn proud of myself and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me the world of pitching.”

– Nipuni Wijewickrema, Co-Founder, GG Flowers, attended the FYA Female Entrepreneurs Bootcamp


We open our registration tables at 5:15pm and we normally open our doors to the room around 5:30pm, ready for a prompt 5:40pm start. Colin keeps a tight ship on his timing, so we normally finish up by 7:15pm.

You should receive a confirmation email once you register, to confirm your spot. We don’t require tickets to register you on the night, however make sure you have received your confirmation email and given us any of your guest details in advance. This will ensure we have name badges ready for you at the registration table.

We provide printed name badges for all our attendees, so it is very helpful if we have received all the guest's details in advance, to ensure they can register on the night quickly.

We provide water for all our guests in the waiting area before you enter the room for the presentation. We do not provide food, however the finish time normally allows for you to head off for dinner afterwards.

Yourself and an open mind ready to learn! We provide pens and some notepapers for you to use on the night. Feel free to write notes in your laptop or device, however please ensure that you turn them onto silent to avoid any embarrassing phone calls or notifications mid presentation!

Just send us an email to to let us know, in advance preferably. We are happy for you to transfer your registration to the next event in your area, we are constantly updating our website with new dates for you to pick from.

We are happy for you to bring along a friend or colleague on the night. Just make sure you grab one of our assistants and let them know you have someone new so we can register them at registration table. Please ensure you also check the website in advance, to ensure that the Masterclass is not sold out and there are seats available.

This Masterclass topic is for anyone who wants to excel or wants their team to excel as a leader, presenter, facilitator or coach.

Whether you’re a senior executive, manager, business owner, entrepreneur, speaker, team leader or team member, attending this Masterclass will provide you with insight into how you can consciously use your energy to guide your audience and secure the outcome you require.