How to structure your presentation for high impact

Attention business leaders:

Want to stand out from the crowd, with an easy-to-use framework for stellar communication?


Hundreds of executives and business owners from Australia’s most successful companies have transformed into confident, eloquent communicators with The Colin James Method®. You can join them, getting this exclusive framework from our Mastering Communication Program that is:

  • 100% effective

  • Easily applied to any communication situation

  • Sure to get your audience onside


24 January 2018 | 12:30PM – 1:45PM

Who is this for?

  • Entrepreneurs and business owner madly preparing for the big time.

  • Talented middle managers ready for their next challenge   

  • Ambitious professionals who want to shine

  • Busy professionals determined to create positive skill and cultural change to impact the bottom line

Why take this class?

Because your people need it.

Your team needs you to inspire and lead them. They need smart leaders who understand how to impel action – in them, and in others.

They need well-structured insights and experiential stories to learn and grow.

So do you want to be an inspiring, memorable leader, or just another manager?

You’ll learn how to:

Make every message memorable and compelling, even when you’re lacking time to prepare
Adopt a simple framework for every communication situation
Present confidently, supported by engaging content your audience will retain and act on

What’s included:

  •  Learning materials to use during the Masterclass, as well as afterward, in your practice

  • Online Masterclass led by expert coaches Colin James and Alison Carter

  • A small-group Q&A session with expert coach Alison Carter

The Hosts

Alison Carter

Alison is an executive communication coach with more than 25 years of blue-chip corporate experience in senior financial and managerial roles in London and Sydney.

Colin James

Colin James is a speaker, master communicator, and facilitator who has been delivering to large companies worldwide for over 25 years. An extraordinary storyteller, Colin leads engaging workshops to embed strong leadership communication skills.

Carolyne French, National Learning and Development Manager, The Good Guys

“I can tell you after the first workshop there was no more resistance, people were walking away saying “that’s the best thing I’ve ever been to in my life. It’s changed how I see myself and my confidence levels.”


How will the webinar be delivered?

The webinar will be delivered by GoToWebinar. You can join via your computer or dial in. We strongly recommend accessing from your computer so you can see the resources on screen.

Can I participate if I don’t live in Australia?

Yes, you can but the webinar and the group call will all be in AEST.

The webinar is at a time that doesn’t work for me – can you send it to me?

Absolutely, we’ll send you a recording as soon as we can after the webinar.

Do I need to bring anything to the Q&A session?

Only questions, if you have any. If not, just come along and listen as Alison talks you through some common issues and how to structure your communication to deal with them.

Open now for a limited time. Register while you still can.

Online Masterclass + Small-Group Q&A

Cost: $77

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