How To Influence With Confidence & Impact

Learn 6 secrets to immediately increase your impact at your next meeting or presentation.

Join Colin James, leading International Speaker and Facilitator, to discover the secrets of effective, influential communication. Colin was awarded Australian Educator Of The Year 2008, and scored the highest rating as a speaker across Gartner global conferences in 2018.

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Colin James

International Speaker
Facilitator & Coach

What You’ll Learn At This Free Online Training

Secret #1

Find out how to build your confidence and presence so you present your ideas effectively in any meeting or presentation.

(Get your ideas heard and be remembered)

Secret #2

Discover quick and easy ways to structure your ideas and communicate to achieve buy-in and action

(How to focus on one message to achieve action)

Secret #3

Learn tips to make an immediate impact so you can influence decisions with any audience

(Amplify your message and presence with the board, senior managers or your peers and team)