Build client trust &
achieve commitment

Create stronger client relationships and achieve CPD points with the Mastering Communication Online Course

Learn practical tools to improve client engagement. Achieve 20 FPA CPD points on course completion. 


Deepen client connections to achieve better outcomes

In the wake of the Royal Commission inquiry and the significant changes in the market, the need to build client trust and develop stronger relationships is crucial to your success as a supportive financial advisor.

In these challenging times we can help you:

  • Build empathy, trust and confidence with your clients.
  • Elevate your client engagement skills and move away from technical sales.
  • Manage crucial conversations and answer difficult inquiry related questions.

Learn at your own pace with this 5-module online course that can be completed in just a few weeks and has 12-months support. Plus the course is FPA accredited, so you’ll achieve 20 FPA CPD points on completion.

Develop advanced client engagement
skills in your own time

The Mastering Communication Online Course takes the key elements of The Colin James Method® framework and teaches you the essential steps for advanced communication skills that build deeeper client relationships

You will learn how to:

  • Communicate with empathy to build trust

  • Structure conversations for greater transparency

  • Improve client understanding of new processes

  • Use voice and physiology to build rapport

  • Manage difficult conversations

  • Build client confidence in your support

Are you ready to make an impact?

The Colin James Method®

We believe you can learn to be a great communicator. Our methodology, developed by Colin James over 25 years, takes a practical, step by step approach to improving your communication.


How to create connection

Learn advanced techniques to know your clients needs better, so you can achieve a better outcome and experience.


How to be clear

Develop a framework to improve client conversations and outcomes. Learn how to create transparent, clear and well structured communication.


How to build deeper trust

Learn practical client engagement strategies using stories, voice, body and visual aids that creates confidence, trust and value.

How the online training works

Immediate access – 5 modules

12-month ongoing support

30+ how to videos

Workbooks and practical exercises

Learn at your own pace. Complete the modules fast to help support you in a specific situation – or spread out over 12-months.

Module 1 - Diagnose your audience

In a fast paced, time poor environment the ability to communicate your message with impact is tougher than ever. In order to be heard you need to grab your audience’s attention by speaking to their concerns and priorities. In this Module we explore how to Diagnose your audience by looking at the outcome from their point of view – what do you want them to feel, think, do and commit to, as a result of your communication? In the videos we will unpack how to answer these questions, as well as how to create relevance by addressing their needs.

Module 2 - Design to be compelling

Drowning your audience in content is a sure-fire way for your message to be lost. So how can we construct communication that is compelling and memorable? Discover the secret in this Module, where you will learn how to effortlessly formulate a cohesive and fascinating delivery. Follow a simple framework to identify a clear overarching concept, break it into bite-sized principles and provide the key details, as well as 4 elements to create lasting resonance and engage your audience in a meaningful way.These tools will help you remember your content, achieve genuine participation and ensure your ideas are taken into the real world.

Module 3 - Deliver to be engaging

The way in which you Deliver your message is critical to how your audience receives it. A masterful communicator knows it is not only about what you say, but how you say it. In these videos you will explore how the conscious and competent alignment of physiology, gestures, and voice will engage your audience and how to effectively use visual aids to differentiate your presentation style from the masses.

Module 4 - Deliver with impact

Delivering your message with optimal impact requires practice and simultaneous attention to multiple elements of communication. This Module focuses on the internal elements of communication. Use the videos to find out how to overcome negative self-talk and increase your confidence, the importance of being clear on your intent, how to project the right energy and appropriate ways to integrate humour.

Module 5 - Time to nail it!

The key difference between a good communicator and a masterful communicator is in the fine detail. The final Module will teach you how to nail the opening and close of your communication, how to adjust your techniques for a digital context, as well as highlighting common mistakes and habits that can undermine your effectiveness.

Explore the online program elements

Explore each element of the program, select a feature along the bar below:

On-Demand Video Suite For Online Training

Access training modules to help guide you through the program and embed the learning.

You will have unlimited access to the full video suite for 12 months. This allows you access to over 30 training videos, covering skills such as storytelling, presentation design, gestures, using visual aids and encouraging interaction with your audience.

Access our video modules on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone at anytime, anywhere you go.

Fortnightly Focus Emails

We’ll keep you on track with fortnightly focus emails, helping you discover the video modules in helpful bite-size pieces guiding you through the 12-month program.

Your fortnightly focus emails include worksheets related to a particular video module supporting you in your training every step of the way.

Regular Webinars

Receive invitations to our regular deep dive training, hosted by The Colin James Method® coaches. This deep dive is extended online learning for anyone that is already part of our program and is an introduction for anyone that wants to know more about The Colin James Method®.

Feel free to bring your colleagues, partners and friends along to this engaging group online session.

Mastering Communication Workbook

Shipped straight to your doorstep (or the office) is our tailor-made and carefully constructed workbook with starter kit to get you going instantly. Over the program time-frame you’ll work through the workbook, and the helpful kit will ensure you have all the tools necessary to succeed.

‘The Vault’ Of Video Recordings

Gain access to ‘The Vault’, this online video area is constantly updated with new video content from The Colin James Method® team.

We uploaded copies of every webinar and Masterclass we record here. So despite missing our live events due to time constraints or distance, you can visit The Vault to watch the recording and ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Online Training Templates

This is  a ‘how-to’ program providing you with step-by-step method to grow your confidence and capability. We have provided templates to help you design really effective communication.

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What the participants have
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“The most effective course I’ve ever been on for communication skills”


– James Trethewie, Risk Advisor, ANZ

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