Avoid another expensive ‘talk-fest’.

Create an environment for dynamic change within your leadership team.

Today Leaders are expected to be adaptive, visionary, innovative, collaborative, agile and drive direction and results. Investing in your Leaders is critical yet so often it’s left to chance with leadership ‘off sites’ crammed with a packed agenda, insufficient insight and no real opportunity for sustained change.


An external Facilitator provides unbiased capability to create and hold an environment for deep change and be both a provocateur and coach, to elicit real outcomes.

Achieving Meaningful Outcomes

The term ‘High Performance Teams’ gets used a lot these days as the aspiration for the group of senior leaders who run businesses or divisions.
Additionally an external facilitator can ask the difficult questions, bring to the surface the ‘unsaid’ stuff, manage the overly dominant players and ensure that the team is not side-tracked by off-road meanderings or unnecessary conflict.
The role of LT’s (leadership teams) is to decide the strategic and operational effectiveness of their businesses. This can be a complex, politically fraught, personality driven, power play experience at times and a strong hand to manage these dynamics can ensure productive debate and achieve meaningful outcomes.
What is required is someone who has years of international experience across a range of industries and who has proven ability to manage the process.

Colin’s Experience

Colin James has facilitated and led Leadership Team off-sites and development programs for over 25 years across industries such I.T. (SAP & Oracle), Financial Services (NAB, CBA, St. George & E&Y), PetroChemical (ExxonMobil & BP), Government (Federal Dept. Secretaries Off-Site & Federal Department of Education) Health (Medibank) just to name a few.

He has facilitated sessions in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia (Singapore, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpar, Bangkok, Goungzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Manilla), USA, England and South Africa.

Years Of Experience

“Colin models leadership engagement from the front of the room. He skillfully takes seemingly complex matters and puts them into simple terms. Colin’s elegance of design and the art of delivery is second to none.”

– Dr Yvonne Su, CSP Specialist Leadership Development Group

“Colin’s presentation gave the team some great ideas and approaches to support themselves and their teams through the next phase of our journey. It was great that you were able to listen to X and Y and integrate their stories into your presentation so that the flow and content evolved positively.”

– Amanda Jenkins, Head Of Talent, Wesfarmers

“Colin James is the person to call when you want your questions answered. Deep, insightful and with an unparalleled ability to influence an audience to see the world in a new way.”

– Pete Sheahan, Founder and Group CEO of Karrikins Group

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