How To Create Interest and Capture Commitment

How often have you presented a great initiative only to have it fall on deaf ears? Too many people think features and benefits will sell their idea. Features and benefits help…. but there is a magic step that has to happen first. Let’s explore this idea together…. The one question in every person’s mind when …

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How To Find Your 6ft Voice

Let’s talk about your voice. Many find listening to their voices on tape or video uncomfortable, usually accompanied with a rhetorical ‘Do I really sound like that?’ question. Given that we ‘hear’ our voices all the time it seems surprising that most of us are unaware of tone, pitch, timbre, tempo, projection and the like. …

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e vocabulary

How To Run A Meeting: Setting The Tone For Success

What are the first thoughts that cross your mind when you wake up in the morning? Oh great, another miserable cold day.These kids are driving me crazy.I have to meet with my boss today.I hate my job.This house is such a mess.I have so much to study before my final.I am so tired.Need coffee! Now. …

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The Power Of Posture

The following might seem ridiculously obvious, and what I will suggest as a behavioural practice almost childishly simplistic. Next time you are in a meeting make a conscious assessment of those in attendance. Determine those who are nervous, engaged, self-conscious, assured, compliant, the power players, the disengaged or the negative. Do this before the meeting …

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The 7-38-55 Model

Over 40 years ago, a man named Dr Albert Mehrabian sought to unpack the effects of verbal versus non-verbal communication, including the effects of conflicting messages. Why is it that someone who is stamping their feet while yelling “I’m not angry”, does not come across as congruent? In his study, he reflected that interpersonal communication …

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