How To Become An Effective Communicator And Presenter

Effective communication is one of the key drivers for getting results, building your brand and being promoted. Don’t leave it to chance, communication is a skill you can continue to develop regardless of your experience. Ready to get started?

It’s not just about what you say, it’s the way that you say it.

Whether you’re presenting to a tough, 500-strong crowd at a business conference, or running a small, yet equally important meeting with your team, good communication skills determine whether it is a success or a waste of time. Everyone can communicate, but the reality is, no one is born as a great communicator.

In fact, no matter what business you’re in, we hear the same communication issues affecting people time and time again…

Difficult to get buy in from stakeholders

Nervous about presenting to senior leaders

Too much content, never enough time to present it

Communication being sent but not getting cut through

Feeling awkward in front of large groups

Being overlooked for a promotion to someone more polished

So…what if we were to tell you that by learning a range of proven techniques – based on 25 years of experience – you will have the confidence to communicate and influence anyone, anywhere, in every context, every time?

Well the good news is, now you can.

Once you’ve trained with us you can have both the confidence and the know how to design and deliver a communication that will connect with your target audience and make them sit up and listen to you. Think how much easier your work will be when that happens.

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Deliver content in a way that demands the attention of the listener

Give the same content to 10 people and ask them to communicate that exact content word for word. One will be better than the rest. Why? Despite delivering identical content, their method of delivery is much more effective. In this program here’s what you’ll discover:

How to present without using PowerPoint
How to add voice projection, pace and pitch to your presentation
How to find and tell a story that will engage your audience
The secrets to presenting confidently and speaking with authority
The importance of using anchoring, hand gestures and body language to be more interesting
How to tailor content to suit your audience
How to make the things you say more impactful and meaningful
How to stop boring your audience

The Colin James Method® Mastering Communication PAVERS® Program has been created for those people who want to transform the way they communicate, see immediate results, and further their careers.

Very comprehensive and enjoyable program shows how “looking natural” is based on solid methodology and sound preparation.


Simple and highly effective method for delivering presentations. Andrew and Alison are brilliant facilitators. Thoroughly enjoyable two days.

Sheridan Taylor- Executive Manager Treasury Business Management, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Well worth the time, effort and money to be part of the Mastering Communication workshop. The return on investment will be lifelong.

Paul Mischel - Facilitator - Learning Advice and Services, Suncorp

Tim and Erica were knowledgable and skilled presenters who made the course content come alive and the course fly by.

Steve Donald - Senior Private Wealth Advisor, ANZ

I feel like I finally have a road map to presenting. I feel confident now to go forward.

Davina Glendenning - Owner and Psychologist, Iexceed

A fantastic two days of learning and playing – Colin and his team really put on a show that’s engaging from beginning to end. It’s great to be able to learn so much, in such a short time and with so much enjoyment (even the scary bits). Thanks Colin – a great methodology presented by the best.

Katie Charlesworth - Change Lead - IT - Policy & Market Systems, Reserve Bank of Australia

A very powerful and effective workshop that truly achieved mastering communication. Gives a very thorough framework and skills on how you can be more confident.

Margaret Chen - Head of HR, SAP

Over the years I've been provided with the opportunity to attend many external learning courses. Mastering Communication has provided me with the greatest number of useful and practical takeaways.

Jim Docherty - National Manager Business Partnerships, AustralianSuper

Is this program for you?

There’s a fair chance that you’ve sat through business meetings where the presenter has left you bored to tears. You may have even run a meeting yourself, where you see your audience’s eyes glaze over, or worse still, start playing with their phones. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Developed by Colin James and taught by his elite team of experts, The Colin James Method® Mastering Communication PAVERS® Program is designed to equip CEOs, senior executives and managers with the skills and techniques needed to become a master communicator in all business settings – whether on your seat (meeting/conversations) or on your feet (presentations).

Having studied how the best communicators in the world captivate their audience, our qualified coaches and facilitators are able to deliver a comprehensive learning program for you, through a mix of role-play, live workshop training, online video modules and ongoing live Deep Dive webinar sessions.

Past Participants

What is PAVERS®?

PAVERS® is an acronym for the framework that underpins everything that is taught on the Mastering Communication PAVERS® program. Each letter relates to one of the six key communication skills we know are vital to master, to become an influential and effective communicator.


The importance of anchoring,
hand gestures and body language


How to add projection, pace
and pitch to your presentation

Visual Aids

Deliver content in a way
that demands the attention
of the listener


The secrets to presenting
confidently and speaking
with authority


How to tailor content
to suit your


How to combine all the elements
required to tell a story that will
engage your audience


With over 25 years of experience, Colin James is recognised as one of Australia’s leading Corporate Speakers and Facilitators. He was recipient of Australian Educator of the Year, 2008. This award recognised his achievements as an Educator over 23 years starting in 1988 at the Australian Quadriplegic Association where, as Training Manager, he designed a ground-breaking, 18 week, Tertiary Rehabilitation Program.

From a young age, Colin’s dream was to be a teacher and he realised that to be an effective and engaging teacher he needed one key skill and that was to master the art of communication. To understand what constitutes excellent communication he studied the best communicators he could find.

He studied the way that they held the attention of their audience and how, regardless of the content, they had the ability to deliver their message in such a way as to profoundly influence the way people think, act and behave. From this he developed The Colin James Method® which incorporates all of these elements in a high-value, engaging and rewarding 12-month journey on The Colin James Method® Mastering Communication PAVERS® Program.


Colin James

Colin James

Facilitator and Coach

Colin has deep experience working with any size group whether it is an audience of six or 6,000 people. He will challenge you to step up to your highest capability with the practical ‘how to’ that only a master communicator can share.

Tim Chilvers

Tim Chilvers

Facilitator and Coach

Having led a range of businesses, Tim enjoys working with people and organisations determined to realise their potential - those prepared to act decisively and with the conviction required to bring that potential to life.

Erica Bagshaw

Erica Bagshaw

Facilitator and Coach

Erica works with senior executives focussing on building agile leadership capability, executive presence, communication and resilience. She works with leaders in Banking, Mining, Legal, Property, Retail and Telecommunications industries.

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee

Facilitator and Coach

Andrew inspires individuals, executive teams and whole organisations to “raise their bar(s)”. He has a knack for getting to the heart of issues and then explaining them in ways that make sense to the audience, facilitating learning that sticks.

Dana Eisenstein

Dana Eisenstein

Facilitator and Coach

Dana is known for her authenticity and commitment to delivering engaging learning experiences. From cultural transformation and leadership development to edgy performance coaching, Dana inspires people to step outside their comfort zone to build higher performance.

Alison Carter

Alison Carter

Facilitator and Coach

Alison is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of corporate experience, including in senior investor communications roles. She has also run her own businesses and provided counselling services within the not-for-profit sector. Her background ensures that clients are nurtured but also challenged to experience growth.

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We offer two different programs which you can choose based on your needs, and the amount of time you can invest. The most obvious difference between the two programs is the course duration, the extra coaching and online training you receive, and the depth of learning available.

Premium Program


Designed to offer the whole package, our Premium program is for people that want a full 12-month embedded learning experience.

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Spread across eight weeks, the Advanced Program is a compact version of the Premium Program, and is designed for those participants who want high-quality development in a short timeframe.

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Over the course of two days, you’ll receive uninterrupted expert training – via interactive role-plays, engaging one-on-one activities and practical break-out sessions – with our expert facilitators.

Plus, with friendly, constructive in-room coaching and instant feedback, you’ll build your communication skills exponentially.

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On-Demand Video Suite For Online Training

Access training modules to help guide you through the program and embed the learning. Premium participants have unlimited access to the full video suite for 12 months. This allows them access to over 30+ training videos as well as The Vault, containing over 20+ webinar and Masterclass recordings, which is regularly updated with new material.

Advanced participants have access to 5 videos, tailored to help them pre and post the 2-day intensive immersion.

You can access our video modules on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone at anytime, anywhere you go.

Fortnightly Focus Emails

We’ll keep you on track with fortnightly focus emails, helping you discover the video modules in helpful bite-size pieces guiding you through the 12-month program.

Your fortnightly focus emails include worksheets related to a particular video module, supporting you in your application of the training every step of the way.


Regular Deep Dive Online Webinars

Receive invitations to our regular Deep Dive training webinars, hosted by Colin and the team. The Deep Dives are extra online learning for anyone that is already part of our program, and an introduction for anyone that wants to know more about The Colin James Method. Feel free to invite your colleagues, partners and friends along to these engaging group online sessions.

Quarterly Coaching Calls

Throughout the 12-months you will have a number of opportunities to talk with a Colin James Method coach on quarterly 15-minute coaching calls. These calls are a great opportunity to set goals, check your progress and receive guidance and distinctions on how to apply the methodology in your own business context.


Complimentary Live Masterclasses

Held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, our 90-Minute Masterclass sessions are an intensive focus on a particular aspect of communication within The Colin James Method PAVERS model. As part of the Premium program you will receive complimentary invitations to the Masterclasses held throughout the 12-month period. Previous Masterclass topics include:

  • Vocabulary Of Gestures
  • Using Humor Artfully
  • Voice Of Authority
  • Language Of Inclusivity
  • Beyond Powerpoint
  • Bringing Stories To Life


Mastering Communication Toolkit

Shipped straight to your doorstep (or the office) is your tailor-made program reference manual with material to get you started instantly. Over the program time-frame you’ll continue to build this elegant toolkit with module exercise worksheets, drawings to support communication delivery, a calendar of events and detailed mind-maps.


A word from past attendees…

Over the years, our program has helped thousands of executives and managers from many top global companies – including ANZ, CBA, Oracle, AustralianSuper, SAP and Telstra – master their communication anxieties.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Read what they had to say…


100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back…

We’re defined by the success of our programs. So, in the unlikely event that you’re not completely satisfied with your progress after taking our course, we will refund your program investment fee, or offer you something agreeable at equal value to you.


Want to be able to communicate confidently, powerfully and effectively to any audience of any size, with any content?

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