Learn to how to ‘conduct an audience’
through the conscious use of gestures,
posture and movement.

Learn Body Language Fluency - Live 90-Minute Masterclass
Wednesday 8th February 2017, 5:30pm - 7:15pm Sydney CBD


Keep your audiences fully engaged
by learning to channel the refined
and purposeful body language of a leader.

Learn Body Language Fluency - Live 90-Minute Masterclass
Thursday 16th February 2017, 5:30pm - 7:15pm Melbourne CBD


Learn how to use body language
as a powerful communication tool.

Learn Body Language Fluency - Live 90-Minute Masterclass
Wednesday 7th June 2017, 5:30pm - 7:15pm Brisbane CBD


What To Expect?

At each Masterclass we focus deeply on an aspect of communicating with influence, with practical activities and examples for you to learn from.

Join us, either in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane as Colin James spends 90-minutes delving into one aspect of communication. Bring a colleague or your whole team and enjoy the chance to network with other professionals, expand your knowledge and learn invaluable techniques that will be of use to you professionally and personally for life.

What a value packed (and funny) 90-minutes from a true master. I have walked away with invaluable lessons on using humour, storytelling and really connecting with the audience to deliver core messages.

Maree McKeown, Director, Rise To the Challenge

The masterclass tonight was fantastic – just what I needed! Although I generally have the awareness to recognise the negative self-talk I’ve not had a clear strategy in my mind on how to ‘banish’ it…until now. I’m going to get plenty of opportunities over the coming weeks to squash that Lizard so I’m very much looking forward to the opportunities to practice.

Aaron Morgan, Learning Program Manager, Coles

I want to thank you for an amazing presentation. My colleague and I walked away buzzing! We got so much from the seminar and will be sharing with our Learning and Development team at Suncorp. I purchased the DVD and was busy watching YouTube clips last night! Completely hooked!!!

Lisa Caton, Training Capability Leader – Operational Training & Design, Suncorp

I enjoyed the evening and the lecture/conversation and found it relevant for ‘today.’

Nicholas Thorpe, Head of Risk – Broker Partnerships, Digital and Direct, Banking Sector

Is This Masterclass For Me?

From corporate companies, to small businesses, to individuals, our goal is to change the way we all communicate everyday.

These Masterclasses are for anyone who wants to excel or wants their team to excel as a leader, presenter, facilitator or coach. Whether you’re a senior executive, manager, business owner, entrepreneur, speaker, team leader or team member, attending a Masterclass will provide you with insight into advanced communication design & delivery techniques to help you influence and engage better.

Over the last 25 years we’ve guided, trained and coached individuals, groups and companies who set out to improve one or more of the following:

Public Speaking Skills

Communication Skills

Facilitation Skills

Leadership Skills

Presentation Skills

Enhance Your Influencing Skills.
Join Our Interactive & Engaging Live 90-Minute Masterclasses

The Masterclass Hosts

Colin James

Facilitator and Coach

Working with an extensive array of clients throughout Australasia, the Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA over the past 24 years has afforded Colin deep insight into what is required to design and deliver powerful and transformative communication in multiple contexts.

He was recipient of Australian Educator of the Year, 2008. This award recognised his achievements as an Educator over 23 years. It’s rare to find one person who can MC conference’s brilliantly, deliver a standing ovation keynote and run deeply engaging workshops to embed skills…Colin can.

Erica Bagshaw

Facilitator and Coach

Erica brings 25 years of business experience to her challenging and dynamic Facilitation & Executive Coaching work. She combines practical hands-on experience with an extraordinary ability to encourage, enable and empower individuals and teams to bring out their best.

Erica works exclusively with senior executives focussing on building leadership capability, executive presence and personal resilience. She has worked with leaders in Construction, Banking, Mining, Legal, Property, Retail and Telecommunications industries.

Upcoming Masterclass Topic

We explore a variety of communication skills throughout the year. Each Masterclass drills down into one particular communication skill, discover the upcoming topic below …

Learn Body Language Fluency – The Physiology Of A True Leader.

Dramatically increase your ability to influence and keep your audiences fully
engaged by learning to channel the refined and purposeful body language of a leader.

body language, leadership
body language. leadership
Do you feel your body freeze when you present a new initiative to your senior leaders? Or are you confused about what to do with your hands when you deliver a pitch to investors? Are you awkwardly putting them in your pockets or reverting to clasping your hands defensively in front of you instead of using them to support your message?
Perhaps a colleague has even commented on your waning confidence and shrinking frame when you speak to a larger group of people, compared to your poise in a small team meeting?

We all speak with our bodies …as well as our mouths. We all do it. Watch someone on a phone using gestures despite not being seen by their caller for example. It’s called ‘body language.

We are constantly communicating with our bodies however, most of the time this is completely unconscious. Posture, movement, head tilt and gestures are combined consciously by great leaders to communicate messages, make sense, provide direction, indicate scale and, importantly, reveal their emotional intent or state.

Would you like to be noticed by your peers for your professional delivery, rather than the uncomfortable and uneasy presence of your normal deliveries?

In this interactive and entertaining 90-minute Masterclass Colin James will use video, research, imagery and demonstrations to show you how you can dramatically increase your ability to influence and keep your audience fully engaged through body language.

Join us and discover:

  • How to ‘conduct an audience’ through the conscious use of gestures, posture and movement
  • How to manage or control a difficult conversation purposefully and consistently using your body language
  • Simple techniques you can use to ‘read’ your audience’s body language and adjust your own to suit the business situation
  • How thoughtful movement and gestures can banish the worry about what to do with your hands
  • How you can ensure you win more deals and increase your influence using the power of your own physiology

2017 Locations & Dates

Learn Body Language Fluency
Sydney CBD

Wednesday 8th February 2017
5:30pm – 7:15pm


Learn Body Language Fluency
Melbourne CBD

Thursday 16th February 2017
5:30pm – 7:15pm

Learn Body Language Fluency
Brisbane CBD

Wednesday 7th June 2017
5:30pm – 7:15pm

The Four Vocal Roles
Sydney CBD

Wednesday 10th May 2017
5:30pm – 7:15pm


The Four Vocal Roles
Melbourne CBD

Wednesday 24th May 2017
5:30pm – 7:15pm

The Four Vocal Roles
Brisbane CBD

Wednesday 6th September 2017
5:30pm – 7:15pm

Making your Audience Think AND Feel
Sydney CBD

Wednesday 30th August 2017
5:30pm – 7:15pm


Making your Audience Think AND Feel
Melbourne CBD

Wednesday 13th September 2017
5:30pm – 7:15pm

Thoughts From Attendees

Loved last night’s Masterclass. It has been nearly 16 years since I last saw Colin in action and it’s clear that he is still the best in the business.

John Thompson, CBA

Colin was excellent, and clearly extremely practised. I expect much of the value comes from his delivery style. From this session alone I took great value from the magic formula for stories alone, and I’m finding myself dissecting conversations and storytelling in the office since.

Tom Cunningham, ANZ

Very very excited to be experiencing a masterclass by Australia’s best communication coach – check out @CJamesMethod

@leveragehacker – Nathan Murphy, Tribe Growth

Thank you Colin for your presentation last night – 2 hours of my life I would TOTALLY repeat!

@judysullivan00 – Judy Sullivan, PwC

@CJamesMethod with @Oggie_Z. Listening to CJ at his best on productive thinking.

@Zic1M – Michael Ziccone, ANZ

Thoroughly enjoyed Colin James’ presentation and found his Lizard thinking insightful – an easy one to remember when feeling stressed about a presentation or facilitation!

Heidi Winney, Strategic Career Development

Have already shared my insights with my colleagues. Easy to follow and insightful and entertaining. Great to meet some of the team pre session and the opportunity to network.

Donald Terris, Banking Sector

Secure Your Seat

Join us either in our Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane Masterclass, bring some colleagues or a friend. Ticket price $99 per person. Group discounts available.

Single Ticket


Bring A Friend

$75 pp

(minimum 2 people)

Bring Your Team

$50 pp

(minimum 10 people)


We open our registration tables at 5:15pm and we normally open our doors to the room around 5:30pm, ready for a prompt 5:40pm start. Colin keeps a tight ship on his timing, so we normally finish up by 7:15pm.

You should receive a confirmation email once you register, to confirm your spot. We don’t require tickets to register you on the night, however make sure you have received your confirmation email and given us any of your guest details in advance. This will ensure we have name badges ready for you at the registration table.

We provide printed name badges for all our attendees, so it is very helpful if we have received all the guest's details in advance, to ensure they can register on the night quickly.

We provide water for all our guests in the waiting area before you enter the room for the presentation. We do not provide food, however the finish time normally allows for you to head off for dinner afterwards.

Yourself and an open mind ready to learn! We provide pens and some notepapers for you to use on the night. Feel free to write notes in your laptop or device, however please ensure that you turn them onto silent to avoid any embarrassing phone calls or notifications mid presentation!

Just send us an email to masterclass@colinjames.com.au to let us know, in advance preferably. We are happy for you to transfer your registration to the next event in your area, we are constantly updating our website with new dates for you to pick from.

We are happy for you to bring along a friend or colleague on the night. Just make sure you grab one of our assistants and let them know you have someone new so we can register them at registration table. Please ensure you also check the website in advance, to ensure that the Masterclass is not sold out and there are seats available.