How to structure your presentation for high impact


Stop the heart-pounding, word-sputtering, sweaty-palmed presentations in their tracks.  Prevent your confidence from taking a nosedive – by using our practical communication techniques.  

Get access to the proven communications framework which equips you to land your presentation every time. It’s been adopted by business leaders in some of Australia’s leading financial institutions as well as cross-industry executives in Australia and South East Asia.

This is communications training that has been specifically designed for time-poor leaders and entrepreneurs like you, who need to achieve their communication goal in every interaction. The webinar plus group coaching call format offers you the unique opportunity to practice and refine what you’ve learned.

“The Colin James Method® program of work has led to a noticeable change in the way our business teams approach all of their communication and it’s made a marked difference to their capacity to influence. In addition, there has been a noticeable uplift in our sales performance, resilience and morale…”

– Michael Ziccone, Capability and Performance Manager, ANZ

You can now access the framework that is 100% foolproof, that you can apply to any communication situation, and that is sure to get your audience onside.  

Expert coach Colin James will help you structure your message in the right way so you can you present in any environment and change the way your audience think, feel and behave.

What’s included?

1. 75-min webinar

How to structure your presentation for high impact Online Masterclass hosted by Colin James

2. Worksheets

Strategic worksheets that reinforce and support your learnings

3. Coaching Call

An immersive small-group coaching call with a few peers and an expert coach to refine your message structure

4. Feedback

Constructive feedback from our expert coaches to enable you to perform better in your workplace

Join us if you want to:

  • Present any type of message with a lasting impact

  • Learn a communication structure that will never fail you

  • Adopt a strong leadership communication style that will engage any audience up, down or across your organisation

The details:

Date: 9 November
Time: 12:30pm – 1:45pm AEST*
Cost: $77 AUD

*Don’t worry – if you cannot be online at that time we will send you a recording and still schedule you in for your group call!


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The webinar will be delivered by GoToWebinar. You can join via your computer or dial in. We strongly recommend accessing from your computer so you can see the resources on screen.

You will dial into a Zoom call with max 10 participants and your coach. You’ll practice your presentations and get real-time feedback.

A good attitude and a small presentation. The webinar will explain this in more detail.

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Absolutely, we’ll send you a recording as soon as we can after the live Online Masterclass.

Host bio

Colin James is a speaker, master communicator, and facilitator who has been delivering to large companies worldwide for over 25 years. An extraordinary storyteller, Colin effortlessly MCs conferences, regularly receives standing ovations for his keynotes and facilitates deeply engaging workshops, all to embed strong leadership communication skills.

“Colin’s elegance of design and the art of delivery is second to none.”
– Dr Yvonne Sum, CSP Specialist Leadership Development Group