A one-day workshop to build your workplace confidence.

Have you ever noticed how confident people have the power to change the energy in a room, just like that?


Confidence is something all employees and entrepreneurs need.  If you can’t communicate with confidence, you will not have the trust of customers or colleagues.

Think about it, would you ever let a nervous dentist near your teeth?

Of course, you wouldn’t. It’s easy to spot someone who is not confident, you’ve done it many times.

When you’re lacking confidence, opportunities to lead, influence and achieve your goals pass you by.

Do nerves set in and unsettle you when you’re about to pitch an idea or project?
Do you get a little palm-sweaty when you need to present results to the board or your boss?
Does your mind fill with self-doubt when you’re about to negotiate your pay or give feedback? 

The Confident Communicator combines some of the useful techniques taught in The Colin James Method’s Mastering Communication program with a deeper focus on building your authority and presence. It is condensed into a 1-day workshop that gives you all the skills you need to get your message heard and get the outcome you need.

This workshop is for you if you want to:

Quickly improve your ability to pitch an idea or project

Eloquently and confidently state your case and to demonstrate why you deserve to get what you’re asking for

Wow and inspire your colleagues when you present ideas, results or initiatives

Dramatically increase your ability to communicate with your teams and stakeholders when moving into leadership or sales roles

After The Confident Communicator, you will be able to step up and speak up, influence an outcome and lead more effectively.

Watch this short clip to get a quick overview of the day from certified The Colin James Method coach and The Confident Communicator facilitator Erica Bagshaw.

What Attendees Say

The Confident Communicator course was very insightful, engaging and powerful. All of the concepts were simple but so effective. Thank you for a great day!

Christina Rafidi, Direct Sales Team Leader, CBA

I have attended many communication courses but this has by far been the best. Erica is engaging, entertaining and educational. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to further their communication skills.

Chesta Hooda, Senior Associate, CBA

Erica was an extremely engaging presenter. She gave valuable and relevant advice to real world scenarios. I will definitely have some ideas to take away with me. Thank you.

Jennifer Herd, BlueCross

Engaging, very relevant, and extremely useful to build confidence that will drive my career and improve my personal life too.

Olivia Dalton, Grad-Investments, AustralianSuper

What You Will Learn?

1. To own your value.

This section focuses on building your personal brand and authority.

Our coach Erica Bagshaw will provide a model to help you to identify and build on your personal presence and authority to contribute.

You will increase your awareness of your strengths and competency and how that translates to your personal presence and credibility. This part of the day will help you know how to breath, speak, stand, walk and sit in a way that engenders confidence in yourself and from others.

2. To pitch with credibility

Here we focus on building relevance and structure to your communication. This will build your capability to have efficient, constructive and engaging meetings and discussions.

You will learn and apply easy communication frameworks that can be modified and used in all contexts to support you to be heard and get better results. This workshop is all about getting your message heard loud and clear by your audience.

How is The Confident Communicator delivered?

  • Pre-workshop: You’ll receive valuable pre-work and video training to set you up to get the most out of the workshop. The pre-work will be reviewed prior to the workshop, however if you sign up the day before never fear! You can still attend.
  • On the day: Facilitator and The Colin James Method coach, Erica Bagshaw, will deliver a one-day workshop for up to 10 participants
  • Post-workshop: You’ll receive one month’s access to all follow-up videos. This means you can continue your development post workshop. You will also be invited to attend a 45-minute group coaching call to check your newfound confidence has been put into practice, and discover any remaining opportunities to build on it.

About Your Facilitator – Erica Bagshaw

Erica is Managing Director of The Colin James Method® training company With a career spanning 30 years Erica has fulfilled many roles in sales, recruitment and technology, as well as building her own businesses. She has been an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Speaker within the financial services, arts and technology sectors for over 15 years. 

During this time she has worked on large leadership programs as well as individual Executive Coaching assignments. Alongside these achievements Erica has studied and taught meditation, goal setting and resilience for 25 years. In 2013 Erica attended the Adaptive Leadership Program at Harvard Kennedy Business School and is a licensed HeartMath® Research Institute Trainer and Coach.

The HeartMath® Research Institute has been studying the area of high performance in challenging environments for the past 30 years. Their program is standard training in the Stanford Executive Program, U.S. Navy, Hospitals, U.S. Police Force and many large corporations like Bank of Canada, Unilever and Sun Microsystems. Erica is a multi-skilled practitioner and has helped many people forge more successful and fulfilling lives and careers.


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